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Marketing Unfiltered Podcast

The Marketing #Unfiltered Podcast

In “Marketing #Unfiltered,” you don’t just learn awesome stuff to help you figure out marketing, you get the BTS scoop of building a business — the hilarious, the traumatic, and the “omg thank god I’m not the only one.” Hi! ✋🏻 I’m Sophia Parra and I’m a social media strategist for coaches. For years I ran an agency where I helped multiple six figure and seven figure coaches create content and strategies that build their following and drive traffic to their offers. My guests and I swap biz horror stories AND share notes around the strategies that took things to the next level. I also show up solo twice a week to answer YOUR marketing questions. So if you’re craving a podcast that feels like the perfect mix of biz talk with a coach and a catch up with your friends; grab a margarita and pull up a chair. I’ve got painfully relatable stories to make you laugh (or cry 🤣), and strategies and perspectives that will help you show up consistently and effectively.


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