3 things to do for 15 minutes a day to boost Instagram engagement

I went on Instagram Story today and had my audience vote on what they wanted to know more about and 82% of them said… ENGAGEMENT.

So I wanted to address 3 things you can do to up your engagement (in just 15 minutes a day!)

But first… I gotta get on my apple box and make that statement that everyone already knows and yet no one really does…

This is about consistency.

Doing this for 15 minute a day for just a week won’t do sh*t.

You’ve gotta show up 15 minutes a day (minimum) every. single. day.

Only then will you see results.

Cool, so now that we’re on the same page, let me get off my apple box and get to the goods.

If you’re seeing a dip in engagement — you’ve gotta start engaging with people.

(Yep… the way to thrive on social media is by being social… go figure.)

But if I were to guess, you knew that!

You’re here because you want to make sure the time you spend being social is systematic, strategic and… well … not a waste of your precious time and energy.

So first, let’s talk about how you find the right people to engage with.


    Scroll through your feed and identify your MPP’s (Most Popular Posts). Go through your commenters, tap on their handle, and leave a comment on 3 or 4 of their posts. If they  haven’t engaged with you for awhile, this will remind them of your existence and re-wire the algorithm to push your content to them.

    They have already expressed interest in you.

    And now… you’re expressing interest in them.

    If they respond back to your comments, suddenly an algorithm-favor-relationship is re-formed which means you can expect your next posts to be pushed to them.

    If you’re consistent with this, your content will continuously be pushed to them making it likely that you’ll show up on their feed again and again, upping your chances for engagement.

  2. Use hashtags.

    And for the record — I’m not talking about using them in your posts (though I do recommend that, but for different reasons.)

    Use hashtags to go find people in your community.

    Focus on tags that align with your brand and that have 10k – 500k photos posted to them  (otherwise you’ll find yourself in a bunch of spam accounts and — ain’t no one got time for that!)

    For example, let’s say your ideal client is mothers balancing work and family life. A good tag (as I write this) is #momswhowork.

    Go to the tag > browse through thousands of potential clients > engage with them.

    If you can do this with just 20 people per day, you’ll be in direct contact with 600+ new potential clients per month.

    I actually developed a system with this in mind and it’s one the key ways I not only increased engagement but grew to 19k followers.

    Watch this video to learn it:

  3. Go to your “competitor pages” and find your ideal clients.

    So we’re clear, a competitor page is someone who is doing something closely aligned to you and targeting the exact same audience.

    If the audience is even slightly different, this does not work.

    [read that again.]

    Once you’ve created a list of say… 10, spend some time every day going into their comments, finding people who are engaging with them and who are therefore ideal for you, and engage with them.

Now let’s talk about HOW to engage with people:

  1. Answer their questions.

    For instance, as a social media strategist, I sometimes go to fellow social media strategist pages and look at their comments. There are SO many questions about social media or requests for advice. This offers valuable feedback for me around what my people need. So I will create a post or an Instagram story answering the question and then I’ll tag the person who asked it — even if they don’t know who the heck I am. They’re about to!

    I might even DM them and say…

    Hey! I saw you asked this question on so-and-so’s page and I wanted you to know I actually just did a post answering it on my page! Thanks so much for inspiring it!

    (or something like that…)

    Now, not only have you engaged, but you’ve created content for the day. #winwin

  2. Repost them onto your story.

    You see that little paper airplane looking thing at the bottom left hand corner of an Instagram image?

    Press on that, and post it to your story. Don’t forget to share a message to the person you’re reposting so they have the opportunity to respond / engage with you. That way the algorithm can connect you two.

  3. Follow people who are perfectly aligned.

    It just makes it possible for you to form a relationship with them.

  4. Like / and comment *meaningfully.*

    Don’t just drop a thumbs-up emoji on someone’s content, actually write out a thoughtful post. We’re building relationships here!


If you can work on these things for 15 minutes a day, you can dramatically increase your engagement over time AND form some real-deal relationships with ideal clients.


Oh and just a reminder… YES you have 15 minutes a day for action steps that can grow your community, and therefore your business. ?


If this was helpful, I’d love if you shared it to your IG story and tagged me! I love connecting with you xo