8 Tips For Bad Writers Who Want to Write Good Blogs

So…you wouldn’t exactly call yourself a good writer, but, you’re excited about your ideas and passionate about sharing them with the world!

Fab. You’ve got exactly what you need to get started. Now all we have to do is brush up your writing skills, teach you a thing or two about blogging vs. essay writing, and throw you in the ring!

I’m not going to lie and say how you present your ideas doesn’t matter — of course it does! Which is why if you decide the best outlet for sharing is by blogging, writing definitely matters. BUT, we can up your blog-game just enough for you to start feeling confident about getting those ideas out into the world so you can FINALLY get started with growing your empire. 

And if you find that you still have excuses that are holding you back, read a recent blog I wrote packed full of solutions.

But for now, let’s focus on making you a better writer … 
1. Does it sound like a conversation?

Blogs are different in that they’re supposed to be conversational. Read your blog posts before publishing and double check that everything rolls off the tongue like it would in a conversation. If it doesn’t, change it.

2. Short and sweet, just like a tweet!

Cut, cut, cut and then cut some more! (But maybe don’t make it as short as a tweet…..)

Wordy blogs are rarely read. If your post is longer than 1,000 words (even 800 words!), re-read your article and eliminate every sentence that doesn’t move the story forward.

3. Forget what you learned in school.

Whatever you learned in school, it’s not helpful in the blogosphere.

Start with a conclusion and then explain it (what the whaaat!?).

No one has the patience to read an article that doesn’t get to the point till the last third of the article! You have to grab their attention, let them know you’re discussing something they’re interested in, and then explain it swiftly and with some personality.

4. Love your first sentence.

If you don’t grab your readers interest right away, you’ll lose them faster than you can say “next!”

Spend time creating an accurate but interesting headline that peaks a reader’s interest enough that they want to know what you have to say on the subject.

5. Ask for feedback.

Share your work with friends, family, or co-workers, particularly when you’re starting out. These people can tell you about the experience your blog offers. Information that helps you be specific is exactly what you need when building your brand.

6. Let it sit…

I rarely post a blog the same day I write it. I see problem areas so much more clearly a day or two after I’ve written a blog. No idea why…but I guarantee you’ll be the same. 

That said, I also don’t obsess over blogs. Trying to make something perfect will only result in finding excuses not to publish. At the end of the day, the most important part of a blogger’s job is producing content, so fall in love with that publish button! 

7. Get help

If you don’t like writing, you won’t be good at blogging. Hiring a professional is a very common practice and it’s a service I offer at #BlogBoutique.

Question about our services? Email me here OR visit our snazzy “How Does it Work” page. 

8. Last but not least – just start!!

It takes time to become a good blogger. Practice and experience will help you find your voice so you can get better, faster. And if you find that you just can’t master the art, it’s never too late to contact a professional.

Regardless of what your blog will need down the line, today it needs a starting point. Let’s give it what it needs!

Here’s this week’s challenge: 

This week, I challenge you to draft and post your first blog.

OR, if you’re a bad writer who’s been writing bad blogs for awhile (ha!…just kidding), write a new blog post applying these tips, and then create an editorial calendar with 3 months of pre-planned topics so you stop procrastinating and stay on the ball. Practice makes perfect, and I know you’ll get there. 

Cheering you on,