An Instagram GROWTH strategy

“I’m consistent, I’m implementing content strategies, why aren’t I growing?!?!”

I keep getting this question!

So when I got it — yet again — from a lovely WHAT THE HECK TO POST-er, Judi, I decided it was time for a vlog!

So if you feel like your engagement is going up but not your followers…that’s because you’re implementing ENGAGEMENT / CONTENT strategies, but not a GROWTH strategy.

They are not the same.

It’s kinda like rain boots and an umbrella.

They support one another in keeping you dry, but rain boots are protecting you from the rain on the ground and the umbrella is protecting you from the rain coming from the sky.

Content / engagement strategies are to help you with engagement and growth strategies are to help you grow your followers.

I walk you through this PLUS share a system for growth.

At the end, I’ll address how long this strategy takes etc., so don’t forget to stay until the end!



PS: Got questions? DM me here!