The common social media mistake I often forget to talk about…

I was recently interviewed on a podcast where I was asked the question, “What’s the biggest mistake coaches make when using social media to drive traffic to their business?”

I LOVE this question because I have so much to say.

I immediately started sharing strategies, statistics, content dos and content do-nots. I was on fire! I ended the conversation patting myself on the back and feeling pretty damn good about myself.

That was until 3 days later when my eyes flew open at 3AM and I realized I answered the question all wrong. ​


The mistake coaches make on social media is that they don’t think their life is exciting enough to share. 

Do you ever feel like that?

I know I do.

Heck, I work from home. And while some people think working from home is amazing… trust me, it gets super lonely AND it means you tend to not brush your hair for days on end.

… did I just say that out loud? 

But you don’t need to have cool clothes and perfect hair to share your message on social media, Courtney.
You don’t need to take fancy vacations to demonstrate your value.
You don’t need to be invited on TV shows to impact lives.
You don’t need to be a seven figure coach — or even a six figure coach! — to be worthy of a social media presence.

Instead, I want you to think about two things. 

1. How can you help people? / What are the most common questions you receive from your dream clients?
2. How can you relate to people?

For instance, I started my social media presence very focused on sharing social media tips because I’m a social media strategist…It was a natural fit. But then l realized where l was connecting most with people was in our mutual entrepreneurship struggles (like this one!). So of course, a massive theme in my social media presence is entrepreneurship, inspiration, and areas of lifestyle that I share with my dream client in addition to social media tips.

Social media is not about impressing followers. It’s about connecting with dream clients on a human level. If all you do is post about fancy vacations, sure… you might get a ton of likes! But will people TRUST you? Will they RELATE to you? Probably not… 

Connection like this takes time and consistency.

So whatever message you feel compelled to share… JUST DO IT. (Thanks for that one, Nike! ) And keep doing it! Even if it takes a couple of years to really kick off. If it’s in your soul, it’s worthy of being heard and someone out there needs you to share it with them.

You got this,