Content Marketing Is NOT the Same as Social Media Marketing

At the beginning of my business, some of my clients expressed frustration with the fact that we were producing awesome content but their numbers weren’t growing fast enough.

Not gonna lie — I had the same frustration. I thought that if content was awesome, numbers would grow.

Why the heck wasn’t that happening

Because Content Marketing is NOT the same as Social Media Marketing. 

I didn’t know that and neither did my clients. I was hired as a “Social Media Manager,” so my clients thought that meant that I handled everything having to do with social media.

And at first (because I thought good content is what grew numbers), that’s what I had intended. 

But really, those two jobs are extremely different and too few people know the difference. 

I chatted about this on Insta-Story yesterday. 

PS: I got a little silly with the emojis at one point……. does anyone else do that? #TooMuchFun