Does Your Social Brand Need Some Spring Cleaning? 6-Ish Questions to Ask Yourself (ASAP)

So… the holiday season came and went.

You started the new year with all kinds of enthusiasm, big dreams, and awesome social media goals.

You got a little overwhelmed after February, so slowed down a bit…but promised to pick things up again in a few weeks.

But…you got to March and just can’t seem to find your groove back. You’re feeling a little uninspired and you don’t know how to figure out

That’s clue #1 that you’re due for some Spring cleaning.  But to make double sure… answer these 6-ish Qs. 

  1. How do you want your Dream Client to feel when they look at your content? And ​how do YOU feel when you look at your feed? 
  2. Does social media stress you out? 
  3. Is your engagement plunging? 
  4. Does your branding keep changing? 
  5. When you google yourself, do you show up? 
  6. Are you focused on the FUTURE or the PAST? 

I go through the significance behind each and give you some tips to dust off your brand and give you some direction. 

PS: The best way to spring clean your brand is to upgrade your content. Here’s a FREE content guide to give you some inspo.

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