How To Make Social Media Work For You In 2019

My mission is to give you the tools you need to feel confident and strategic on the web. I want your social media to be an awesome representation of what you do for people so you can expand your reach, double down on your impact and help more people.

So let me help you one step at a time.

Here are 4 steps to help you set the right social media goals, overcome that big obstacle, take some action, and actually make social media work for you in 2019‼️

Let’s dive in…


First up, in order to accomplish big goals, you’ve got to know where you’re starting.

So grab your tea, a pen, and a journal, and answer these Qs:

  • What’s your number 1 pain point right now with your social media?

  • What are you most proud of when it comes to your social media presence?
    (You are not allowed to say “nothing.” Think of something. This will keep that discouraged mindset at bay)

  • What feels messy or broken about your presence?
    (This will make sure you’re asking the right questions, doing the right research, and taking the right action steps).

  • What obstacles have been getting in your way when it comes to cultivating a presence that excites you?
    (You might have more than one, I address the most common one below!)


“I want to have a social media presence but it’s not in alignment with me to post content until I’m really inspired and have something awesome to say.”

This is the #1 obstacle I hear from people.

Let’s be real: This is your comfort zone talking ?

I know this because it sounds just like my comfort zone and she’s a real party pooper. ?

Since when do we feel in “alignment” with things that are totally out of practice for us?


You’re at the beginning of something new and scary and… you’re doing it all in public. So of course, this is going to make you feel uncomfortable.

Here’s a tip, and it’s gonna sound a little woo-woo but it really is the only one that will help:

When you’re posting to social media, post as the badass social media goddess you’re going to be in one year’s time, not as the beginner you are today. In one year, posting will be normal, fun and experimental. You’ll be thinking, “Hmm. I wonder what my audience will think of this tip.” Or “Hmm. I wonder what kind of conversation I’ll have when I share this…”

Take action from that curious self instead of that fearful, beginner self.

Even if you fake it ‘til you make it. ✨


    Research other influencers and competitors in your niche, identify what is performing best on their page(s), and put your own spin on that style of content. This will help you to learn from mistakes already made by others, and hit the ground running.

    Go back in your feed and pick your 5 – 7 best performing posts (based off of likes and comments). What was different about them? ? (Were they pictures of you? Were they longer and more vulnerable pieces of content vs. shorter and funnier? Did you smile? Was it a professional pic or a selfie with your cat?) Create more content that aligns with what’s already grabbing attention.
    For instance, if you’re a fitness coach…
    Monday: Motivation Monday
    Tuesday: Tip Tuesday
    Wednesday: Workout Wednesday(etc, etc, etc)

    Eventually, you’ll grow out of this. But it can be helpful in the beginning as long as you remember to share content **in line with your dream clients’ pain points vs. what you feel “inspired” to share.**

  • FOUR: BE SOCIAL (duh)
    People won’t engage with you if you’re not engaging with them.


A big reason people want to quit their social media goals is because they feel like having a social media presence isn’t worth their time.

Here’s what I say to that:

Remember when you started your business and you needed to build websites so people could “find you” on google.

That’s what social media is today.

People are looking you up on social media more than they are on google. Whether they hear about you through referrals or through searches, they “feel you out” before they schedule time to speak with you.

Coaching is a very personal process. Looking you up on social media tells them…

  • if you’re still in business
  • what you’re about
  • how you communicate
  • about your personality
  • what the experience of working with you is like
  • how experienced you are
  • what kind of offerings you have
  • where your work has been featured
  • …and morePeople get MORE from your social media than they do from your website, which is why social media is where 63% of people make decisions about businesses based on how informative their social media presence is. [HubSpot]

Another reason people “fall off the wagon” when it comes to social media posting is because they feel like “it’s not working.”

Social media is a process.

A long process.

Just because you’re not getting 1000 new followers in 5 days, doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong or that it’s not working.

When you start getting these feelings, remember that social media is part of a much bigger mission. You wanted to start posting because you want to help more people, not because you want to be insta-famous. So stop obsessing about the numbers. They will come as you grow your network, get invited to speak on podcasts, do speaking events, share more of yourself, and STAY CONSISTENT.

For now, focus on the small things.

What content is performing best?

What types of images do people like?

What happens when you post about your blogs? No one reads them? Okay what about when you change the way you’re posting about your blogs?


Be curious.

Everyone who’s anyone on social media started where you are right now, it just takes commitment.

When you’re ready to quit, remember that.