Solutions For Your Blogging Excuses

I’ve heard them all:

“I don’t have time!” “I have nothing to write about!” “I’m a horrible writer!” “I don’t really need a blog, anyway!” “I spend hours writing and then no one reads it!”

We can talk about why you’re not blogging all day. But, if we’re honest with ourselves, we both know blogging is a vital part of your social media marketing strategy and it shouldn’t be neglected.

So let’s move past the excuses and set you up for success with some solutions! …

1. I don’t need a blog. 

Every successful business is maintaining an online presence with the help of a blog. Why? Because it works. 

You’re building a brand, which begins with trust, but why would I trust you if there is no evidence to support your credibility? How am I even going to know of your existence if I can’t find you on the internet? How am I going to build a relationship and eventually become a customer if I can’t connect to you and your message? How will I be persuaded to join your mailing list so I can be reminded of your useful and informative existence every week? 

These questions can be answered easily: Maintain your blog. 

So, stop waiting. Get going! Here’s some help. 

And if you’re still looking for reasons to maintain an online presence, check out a previous blog about why it’s important to maintain an online presence.

2. What do I write about? 

Bloggers have blogger’s block, just like writers have writer’s blog.  My favorite solution is nothing fancy — but boy is it effective: Plan ahead! 

Make an editorial calendar that covers 3 months of weekly topics (minimum). You will be shocked at how much less time you spend blogging when you know what you’re writing about every week. To be even more effective, decide on what bullet points to be covered under each topic. 

Voila, you will speed through your blogging every week. Yes, you need to invest some time at the beginning but it will pay off tremendously and release some of your blogging-anxiety. Promise. 

3. I don’t have time! 

If you’re committed to growing your brand, you’re committed to finding a schedule or a solution to “no time.” There can’t be excuses when it comes to your business. We all have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce (no, that is not an original saying), with some planning and delegating, you can get it done like everyone else.

Looking to get some motivational juices flowing? Watch Jeff Bullas’ interview about how and why he became a consistent blogger with no excuses. 

Looking to spend less time blogging? Refer to #2. Planning is everything. 

Looking to have someone else do it? Contact me at If I’m not the right fit, I’ll refer you to someone who is! 

4. I’m a bad writer. 

Not gonna lie, this can be an issue. You don’t want to share your business with the world using bad grammar. So let’s brain-storm…

Looking for some writing tips? Check out these awesome writing tips for new bloggers.

Does having a photo blog with captions compliment your brand? Blog posts can consist of photos, too! You still need to write captions and find ways to add value, but perhaps you can look into ways you can satisfy this need without stressing yourself out about writing.

Do you have someone in your business who can write? Why not delegate your blog to someone who’s capable of delivering high quality, weekly content? 

And finally, maybe you just need help from a pro. There’s no problem with getting help. In fact, there are tons of social media stars who don’t write their own blog posts (or books, for that matter). What they have done, however, is found a way to turn out great content and on a regular basis by getting help. 

Email me if you want to chat.

5. No one reads my blogs. 

Every successful blogger out there had roughly 2 years where no one read their articles. But after their traffic-rut — life changing success. 

There are a lot of benefits to blogging, even when no one reads your articles. You have an opportunity to clarify your thinking, stay on top of your game, and learn and share new practices. What you blog about will show up in the classroom, public speaking events, consultations, and even 30 second elevator pitches. Consider your blog preparation for these inevitable moments.

Last but not least, your blog offers you an opportunity to truly position yourself as a leader in your field. One day, you WILL be googled. Having evidence that you are a well informed and knowledgable industry member is all your potential customers want to know. Well, that and whether or not they click with you — also information they’ll acquire from your well written and consistent blogging! 

If you’re still feeling down about your traffic, here are 10 reasons to keep at it.

Happy Blogging,