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April 2022 Problem Solving Call


April 2022 Problem Solving Call

Here’s what we talked about:

  1. Maureen isn’t growing and she wants to know why. More than that, she feels strapped for time and wants to make sure that the work she puts into growth isn’t just aligned, but is productive. 
  2. Lia’s got lotsa content… but no system to repurpose it. We created a system that would drive traffic to her podcast and her offers so that she is conserving bandwidth AND scaling her content. Plus, once this system is refined, she’ll be able to delegate it.
  3. Clarissa is implementing the welcome DM with her new niche, but doesn’t have lead magnets to share. So where should she point people so this strategy is still growing her list? 
  4. Kylie just wrapped up a launch. We took our time to download around where things got overwhelming for her so we can refine her system and set her up for success.
  5. Aimee’s having a tech issue. I gave her some homework so she can collect data to help her understand if it’s actually a tech issue, or if it’s a content issue. Once she knows, she can make her next move. 
  6. Kirsten is a musician and an actress! She wants to talk about how to translate the coaching work we do in WTHTP to the work that she does as an artist. How can we get people invested in her as an artist so they’re excited about the album she has coming out?