Breakthrough Calls

Problem Solving Sessions
August 2022


Welcome to another month of Problem Solving! These are completely unedited calls to help you see the behind the scenes of what figuring out marketing really looks like.

In this call we spoke to…

1. AIMEE: She’s headed on maternity leave and wants to make sure she’s built a foundation for new followers and current followers to know what she’s doing and how to take the next step with her. We had a bad internet connection together but I think it’s important to note our discussion around clarity and how I was skeptical of a word she was using in her bio. But since she had done good market research, we were able to move forward on it. Just another reason to do your market research! 
2. TAL: Tal’s page doesn’t feel branded, and that is causing some confusion for her audience. We talked about easy ways to clear things up for her so she feels like a business and her value is clear. Now she will be much more attractive to ideal followers AND potential collaborators. 
3. RONNI: Ronni is struggling with some imposter syndrome. I shared a personal story to help her take her next steps. 
4. KAITLYN: Katilyn has a 5 day challenge coming up. We talked a lot about the type of content she needs to be posting and where her priorities need to be. Please note: It was very hard discussing this on a problem solving call. I think I did the group a disservice by going down a few rabbit holes and I got a little confusing. (I’ll work on that). In the meantime, this chat addresses content, but if you have launch questions, I would absolutely recommend The Launch Class which is a bonus call for annual members. You can email us if you’re interested in signing up for it. It’s much more detailed!! 😉