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Half Year Audit Class


Half Year Audit Class

In this call we…

  1. Did a deep audit into Sarah’s content. First we got super clear on what she wanted (to get clients) and the systems she had in place for coversion (that were not working). We dissected why they weren’t working and addressed how to improve them, then we went into her content and put changes in place to make sure her content and overall presence was actually supporting her new system. 

  2. Then we chatted to Maureen. Maureen has a lot going on right now and she doesn’t want to put energy into creating social media content. However, she’s very consistent with her email content. So we focused on what is already a habit and how we can make her email efforts more effective. 

  3. In the middle of our chat with Maureen, Jess asked a question about hiring. Because this was something I thought both Maureen and Jess needed to think about, I brought Jess on to join the conversation. Jess felt like her graphics weren’t performing very well and didn’t understand why she should hire someone to create graphics if they got her low engagement. So we talked about the misunderstanding that “engagement” is the only metric for success. Here we talked about the role graphics play, what type of content to post and when, long captions vs. short captions, etc. 

  4. We turned back to Maureen to make sure she felt taken care of since the hiring question changed our topic a bit, and in that final discussion we talked about a different way to look at her content. She had so far been focused on sharing tips — which makes sense — but hadn’t been looking at it from a lens of changing the BELIEFS of her followers so they would be ideal clients. This perspective shift can be very effective for the person who feels burnt out by content creation, like Maureen. 

  5. And in the last few minutes of this 2 hour call, I wrapped up how I approached this audit so others could audit their own content: I helped people make the connection around how to make sure your social media is supporting your systems. In other words, design the system FIRST. Then the content.