Breakthrough Calls

Problem Solving Sessions
January 2023


January 2023 Problem Solving Session

In this call we covered: 

  1. Donna’s DM strategy isn’t working. So we talked about how to refine it. 
  2. Jessica’s done lots of growing thanks to a cold DM strategy. But, it’s not converting to clients. So we talked about what to do instead and how to delegate to her VAs so they can support her in this shift.
  3. Ronni took the Content Mapping class but felt confused about what she came up with. So I asked her a few questions to get her to clarity. 
  4. Aimee is about to ask for referrals but she is uncertain about the language she should be using.
  5. Mary is expanding!!! How does she incorporate her fellow sleep consultants into her content? 
  6. Kristi is curious about how carousels perform compared to static posts. She’s also working on her engagement so I shared a tip that I thought a few needed to hear.