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June 2022 Problem Solving Call


June 2022 Problem Solving Call

Here’s what we talked about:

  1. Lia wanted me to audit her bio. If you’ve heard me tell you to have market research calls … this is why! Lia came prepped with data so we could look at her bio strategically. 

  2. Bots had taken over Laurie’s Facebook page! I walked through a series of questions with her to help her determine if it was time to shut it down, it was. So then we talked about how to do this strategically. 

  3. Jocelyn is taking too long to create a reel, and after a quick chat, I could see why. She’s using too many apps! So we simplified her process. 

  4. Donna had her account hacked a few weeks ago and ever since… she’s had some growth issues. We talked about whether or not to shut down her account (we decided not to) and where to put energy given the odd behavior on her page. 

  5. Kylie wants to chat about content. She feels like she’s leaning too far into the “victim” mindset. I talked to her about what I think is really going on. 

  6. Aimee is also being stalked by bots. We briefly talked about the fact that bots are a normal part of social media, and then chatted about her upcoming launch.