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March 2022 Problem Solving Call


March 2022 Problem Solving Call

Here’s what we talked about:

00:01: Hillary is a health coach and she is noticing her Facebook reach is down and her Instagram reach is up! She’s super pumped about all the awesome stuff happening over on Instagram, but how can she continue with that success while not bringing her Facebook page down? We also spend some time talking about how to leverage the growth she’s experiencing. 

20:53: Pierre is a health coach and he’s having some trouble with his lead magnets. We started the call thinking it was a content issue, but then ended our time together realizing it was probably a traffic issue. Listen in as we go through the conversation about his lead magnet to understand what a lead magnet should achieve and how it should be presented. The outcome wasn’t what we thought but I think it will give you a sense around what to consider with your lead magnets. For more information on this topic, definitely check out the List Building Class.

46:17: Sarah helps people overcome their phobias, and she wants to talk about creating engagement. She’s finally posting consistently (3X a week) but she wants to know what she can do *after* she posts so that she can start creating a stronger community. A great class to watch if you want to dive deeper into this is The Engagement Class.

1:00:12: At the end of our time together, she also asks how to make it possible for her voice to be heard over trending audio. 

 1:01:18: Nicole is a mind coach for athletes and she wants to talk about how to sell in the DMs. I highly recommend people watch The Engagement Class and My DM Sales Process if this is a topic you’re interested in, but we talked about how to create strong calls to action that direct to the DM, and I directed her to my conversation with Sarah earlier in the call when we talked about this, too. 

1:17:53: Jo-Anne is an acting coach and she came on to talk about how to incorporate mental health into her social media content so that it makes sense for her audience. 

1:32:40: Jen is an Authentic Leadership Coach and she has some questions about her bio following the Fix Your Feed training, particularly pertaining to the IG search engine, what language is more heavily weighted, and if there are any updates to that training given it was filmed 2 years ago.