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Problem Solving Sessions
October 2022


October 2022 Problem Solving Session

In this month’s Problem Solving Call we had some GREAT questions. Here’s what we covered: :

  • Petra has just finished some Message Mining calls and has some great data! She’s wondering how the heck to use it to make content decisions. We chat about what to look at to design lead magnets, and the role this data plays in overall content making. 

  • Ronni is getting clients in the DM! 3 since our last problem solving call, in fact! But she’s feeling stuck on some of her DM conversations and wants clarity around how to use the DM to lead to discovery calls. We have a VERY important conversation here about when to sell and when not to sell, the objectives in a sales DM, why you never have to lie, how to lead a DM conversation without violating your values, and what can make an invitation feel icky (for both of you). I really applaud Ronni’s commitment to her future clients, and the work she’s doing to feel confident and helpful online. 

  • Tal is pitching to 30 podcasts this month and wants to know how to make the most of her time on the podcasts to ensure it drives back to her business and content. 

  • Ajarae is also pitching! And she’s finding that she tends to talk herself out of pitching to competitors. We have a brief conversation around how to make that work (because I truly think there are no competitors). 

This very juicy conversation resulted in a few follow-up questions, which we answered at the end.