Breakthrough Calls

Problem Solving Sessions
September 2022


September 2022 Problem Solving Session

In this call we spoke to:

1) TAL: We talked about changing up her CTAs to promote her webinar so that she was leaning into participation mode instead of promotion mode. We also had to chat about the elephant in the room: In order for people to join a webinar every 2 weeks, bringing new people to your page is of top importance!

  • Check out episode 2 of Marketing Unfiltered with Lisa. It comes out today!
  • And watch The Pitch Class! 
  • Our October growth challenge will also be right up your street 😉
2) RONNI: She was wondering how to follow up with people she had supported in the past, before she officially had a business.

Svetlana feels like something isn’t clicking with her content and didn’t know where to start. We went over some initial thoughts but came to the conclusion that given some imposter syndrome that was coming up, perhaps speaking to ideal clients would give her some confidence and direction with her content. I highly suggest our “Message Mining for I-Need-That Content” which is located in Phase 1 of the Breakthrough Calls page (you must be logged in access).
4) LANA: I’d also love to challenge you to have 5 ideal client interviews in the next 30 days to get a sense of who you’re speaking to so we can come up with an aligned content strategy ❤️

5) KYLIE: Don’t forget, she volunteered to be your first! (Thanks for being so supportive, Kylie!)
4) ALLISON (who came to the call for SARAH): We chatted about their preparation for a growth season. WOO HOO!
  • I suggested that they look at their pinned posts for growth.
  • I also praised their content. Love that belief work!
  • And we touched base on what content was bringing in the most growth (belief content by way of reels) so talked about how to really lean into that. — hint: repurpose some of your messaging.
  • But then we addressed the really important thing: Getting in front of new audiences.
  • Similarly to Tal, I suggest you listen to Ep. 2 of Marketing Unfiltered with Lisa for great tips on this. And also think The Pitch Class will be an awesome next step for you!