How to grow your Instagram audience with qualified leads.

We always talk about “nurturing a lead”, and we’re often thinking about our email contacts. 

First off, I 100000% think your email list is incredibly important. More important than your social media following, in fact. Your email subscribers made a much bigger investment to be on your email list (they handed over their email address) than someone did tapping that follow button on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 

However — social media is where you show up every single day as opposed to your email — where you probably show up once a week… or less. 

So how can you take those warmer leads on your email and take your relationship to the next level? 

  1. Once a month, scroll through your newest email subscribers / a big bulk of your newest email subscribers.
  2. Search for them on *the platform you hang out on the most.*  (From here on out, I’ll just say “Instagram” but you should know that this applies to whatever social media platform you’re on.)
  3. Follow them!
  4. Then go to their page and drop 3-4 likes and 3-4 quality comments (a quality comment is 4 words or more) on 3-4 of their posts.
  5. And finally, DM them saying something like…

Hi ____insert name___, I just saw that you downloaded my free ___insert lead magnet___ recently! Wanted to welcome you to my community and also, make sure you didn’t have any questions for me? I know taking your social media to the next level can be overwhelming. So just wanted you to know I’m here for you!

Because they’re already familiar with you enough to want to give their email address, they’ll recognize you and likely see it as a genuine gesture of caring for your community. 

This can fast forward your relationship sooo quickly. 

People are NOT used to business owners taking the time to follow up on a lead. Social media and marketing in general is so fast paced these days, and business owners are SO busy, that taking that time to connect one on one before they become a paying client makes an impact. 

I’d even go one step further and — if you get a good question that your audience as a whole can benefit from — take to your IG story to share your answer. Don’t forget to tag and thank the asker (unless they asked you in private).

That way — in addition to making a big gesture, I’m…

  1. Building a relationship.
  2. Growing my online audience.
  3. Training my audience to *know* that I take the time to answer questions which means they’ll ask more of them.
  4. Helping the algorithm because I’m generating M.I. (meaningful interaction!)
  5. And sharing value.

Don’t you just love strategies that kill multiple birds with one stone?!?! ?

Plus, I have almost a 100% conversion rate of getting a “follow-back” from the people I personally reach out to.

I LOVE this monthly task of mine. Some of my most engaged social media followers came my way like this, so I’d definitely give it a try. 

Let me know how it goes! xo