5 tips to leverage the Instagram algorithm

I’m going to be doing a few big presentations on the algorithm over the next few months so I wanted to give you some details about what we’ve been finding so you can leverage it for your own content and business. 

Currently, my algorithm presentations are exclusive to a few events that I’m speaking at but if I get enough requests, I might decide to do a live webinar before the end of 2019. Email me and let me know if that’s on your wish-list!

Anywho — back to getting you algorithm-approved!

TIP 1: The IG algorithm predicts how much you care about a post based on what you “like.”

This ain’t new, but it’s worth mentioning. 

Instagram’s algorithm pushes content that it thinks you’ll want to engage with based on past behavior on similar content.

This is why posting traffic focused content (content with the goal of getting likes / comments) is so important. [Hence why I share so many quotes and engagement focused prompts in What The Heck To Post!!]

If you make it easy for people to engage, this signals to the Instagram algorithm that your post is quality, engaging content that more people will want to see. 

That doesn’t mean you need thousands of likes to get the Instagram algorithm on your side, you just need to try to get more than your average and work up from there!

TIP 2: Post consistently.

Even if that means once every 3 days — just be consistent about it. If not, you will lose your regulars and have to build yourself back up again.

[After 6 months of not posting on my page, this is what I’m going through right now!]

When you post consistently good content, you’ll not only improve your engagement but you’ll tell the algorithm that you’re a quality account which makes it more likely that you’ll show up in discovery tabs.

Plus, you’re just increasing your chances to get in front of people, which keeps them active with you (again, good for the algorithm. View tip #1!)


This is something I’m going to talk a lot about in coming months. But really do give thought into what people WANT or NEED from you.

Ultimately your content cannot be decided by you, it has to be decided based on your target market. 

TIP 3: The algorithm favors people you have a relationship with.

“Relationship” is determined based on something I call M.I. [Meaningful Interaction.]

So here’s a tip:

Don’t comment or respond to comments without the conversation in mind. 

For instance — let’s say someone comments on one of your images with a heart emoji.

Don’t respond back with another heart emoji!

Respond with a question like… “Did this resonate?” or “What do you think about this?” or “Have you heard of this before?” etc.

Start a conversation.

This makes it more possible for them to respond back, which — on the algorithm end — makes the relationship analytically stronger. [It also makes the relationship in REAL life stronger, for the record!]

To increase M.I., also comment on other profiles’ posts! Here’s training to help.

TIP 4: Be consistent with your vibe

I gotta be honest, I’m not one of those social media strategists that thinks you have to spend so much time on the look of your feed.

I think it’s awesome when a feed is beautiful! 

But being worried about what things look like can get in the way of your consistency.

HOWEVER — on the flipside, and with today’s algorithm — I also think it’s important to have a branded look so that — if your content does show up on someone’s feed they recognize it and know to absorb it!

For instance, I love @MindBodyGreen.

When I’m scrolling — if I recognize a @MindBodyGreen post — I stop to read it.

And I can tell from a mile away if it’s a @MindBodyGreen graphic, even though there’s no person or face or even brand colors associated with it.

It just has a recognizable vibe.

Since M.I. is so important in today’s algorithm, this is where I think branding becomes important.

If people like the stuff you post, it can be a reason for them to want to stop and absorb it, which will give you more traffic.

I think it also demonstrates to NEW followers that you’re a business with something to say on a consistent basis. There is INTENTION on your feed and I do see value in that.

TIP 5: Post when your audience is online.

Use Instagram’s insights to find out this information, or an app called WHEN TO POST which has a ⅖ star rating, but I really like it!!! 


That should get you started. 

Come back to this space next week for tips on the IG story algorithm!