How to sell on Instagram without the “Swipe Up!”

Oh, the swipe up. The coveted bonus you receive upon reaching the 10k follower mark.

Someone once hired me to grow their account to 10k just so they could have this feature.

But the truth is, when you know how to break down a sale simply, it just becomes a nice little bonus.

The sale always begins with your content.

Without relevant, valuable, and connected content for your unique ideal client – no ones going to swipe up anyways.

The next step is to actually invite them to work with you (or my personal favorite, to download your free offering so they can be put into an email marketing funnel that nurtures the relationship further.)

Here are some other ways to support someone in making the next step with you without needing to say the words “swipe up.”:

1. “Slide into the DMs,” as they say, and invite them to slide into yours.

This is ALWAYS (even with the swipe up) the best way to sell. Especially as coaches. Having a connection before purchasing a high ticket item is pretty necessary at this point, and I find DM’ing to be the most effective way for both the algorithm and the individual.

Just tell them to drop YES in the comments if they want it so you know to DM them the link.

Or you can just tell your peeps to send you a DM if they want a link to something and you can respond with it.

Either way — DMs are where you start conversations and build stronger relationships. (And, while we’re at it, it’s also where you leverage the algorithm.)

I talk more about that here.

2. Give step-by-step directions in your call to action.

Walk them through every step they’ll have to take to eventually get them to do what you want them to do.

For example….

To download your step by step guide for landing 2 new clients in 7 days just…

  • Tap the link in my bio
  • You’ll see 3 link options, click the one called “2 new clients in 7 days!”
  • Fill in your name and email address
  • And it will be in your inbox in 5 minutes or less!

This works with purchasing, subscribing to podcasts, liking posts, and more.

3. Creating content that give people more of an opportunity to experience YOU and your value.

This might include…

  • Facebook groups
  • Free challenges
  • A series of training videos that people opt-in for
  • Free guides

If you create content that solves problems, you won’t need the “swipe up” to get them to want it.

This is an example of paying attention to your CONTENT so you can impact people powerfully and get them to take action.


When what your client needs and what you share matches – that’s when the magic happens. Spending time getting to know your audience and the language that they use is a content strategy in itself.

Read the captions of your competitors to get a feel for what your ideal client is asking for, then create content to support what they want.

If you’re solving their problems and demonstrating your value with your content — you can move the needle without a fancy swipe up feature.


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