10 ways to get your next coaching client

Wanna do something fun?

Literally go down this list, pick one thing, and commit to it to make a sale today.

Better yet? Do one of these every single week!

Let’s dive into some client generating ideas if you’re feeling stuck (and I’ve got some free resources at the bottom!):

  1. Follow up with a past discovery call that didn’t go through. Ask them how they’re doing on their goals and have a genuine conversation around how you can support them in taking their next step.

  2. Ask for a referral from an existing client.

  3. Email a personal invitation or simply touch base with a perfect fit potential client who is NOT a cold lead. Think about people who have asked you a question on social media before, have responded to your emails, or who have attended webinars but not moved forward.

  4. Take a look at the folks who have downloaded your lead magnet and follow up with them to see if they have any questions. You just never know where these follow-up emails / DMs lead. Sometimes it’s just a great, supportive conversation that gives you awesome content ideas. Other times it’s clear they need coaching and you can invite them to a conversation about that without feeling slimy or like a cold DM-er.

  5. Do a joint FB / IG Live with someone who targets an aligned audience. Offer an exclusive bonus for that audience if they choose to join you by [date].

  6. Organize a partner campaign with someone using already created webinar content. While this may not result in a client TODAY, take a couple of days to set things in motion so you can have more than one client within the next 30 days (or depending on when your partner campaign is, of course).

  7. Write a direct sales email to your list today. Share about the success a past client got from your coaching and ask people to reply with the word INFO if they want more information about how you can support them in achieving the same goal. I actually made $9,100 last week with this one email and I have more calls booked because of it.

  8. Create a carousel sharing the successes your clients have created this month. Present a clear call to action at the end if people are interested in creating the same success.

  9. Reach out to former clients to check in and see how they’re doing. You’ll either get great feedback on how the work you’ve done together has impacted them OR you’ll see how you can support them on their next steps.

  10. Head to Instagram Story and clearly share that you’re looking for a client who wants _____ . Ask people to DM you the word “___” for a free strategy call where you can work on an action plan for them and discuss if you’re the right fit coach for them.

The moral of the story is this:

Sometimes the next step for getting a client is literally making it clear that you’re open for business.

That doesn’t need a complicated strategy.

It needs you to stop over-thinking it and get yourself out there.

Even if it doesn’t convert this time, doing that consistently will plant enough seeds in people’s heads so they are aware of what you do. This creates opportunities for referrals, guest expert opportunities and clients.

Be bold.

You got this.

Do you want 12 strategies to find and convert your next client on social media? (As in 12, additional strategies that are not in this blog?) Your wish is my command!

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12 Strategies to Find and Convert Your Next Client on Social