CASE STUDY: Proof that engagement is the key to ROI on social media.

I’m doing something a little different today.

I actually want to share a case study I just completed for a client.

This client has really struggled with the whole “getting social” on social media.

They love the idea of interacting with their audience, but their focus is selling their acting classes.

So, in the time we’ve worked together, they’ve really questioned how effective it was to not be posting more about our classes and the things we were selling.

In fact, I think their exact words were, “What’s the point of using social media if we’re not selling at least ‘most’ of the time?”

This video demonstrates why that is never the approach on social media.

You must manipulate the algorithm so that — when you do sell — it will help you.

Watch the video to see this in action.

(And by the way… a week after this, we shared another post that earned us 525 comments from people asking for more information about their latest class which wasn’t on the schedule yet! And why did that happen? Because the algorithm was primed to work for us — and the class hit a specific pain point! But that’s a story for another blog. ?)

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