This feature is being prioritized by the Instagram algorithm.

Coming at you from my living room floor again. Hopefully I’ll have my new couch soon!!

As we talked about a few weeks ago, Instagram has a new feature where you’re able to share 1 minute of your IGTV videos to your feed.

According to my testing, this feature is being highly prioritized (as I write this).

To confirm my own findings, I took to google and found a bunch of articles that’s saying the same thing.

This one by Later for instance : )

So, as part of my What The Heck To Post prompts this week, I’m suggesting that you post an IGTV video around a super juicy topic to snag some algorithm points and increase your chances of getting discovered by new people!

But, for many of you, you haven’t really been playing with IGTV!

If that’s you, watch the video for 7 things you need to know to demystify it and get you posting.

Don’t worry, it’s short 😉

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PS: Try What The Heck To  Post for 2 weeks by clicking here.