VLOG: How to write a social media bio like a BOSS.

We’re back with our second vlog where we answer questions that coaches like YOU send to AskCoachSocial@gmail.com. Natalie, one of our WHAT THE HECK TO POST members, asked this question….

Hi Sophia! I love your videos. Way better than reading blogs!! I was curious if you could take a look at my account and let me know if there’s something I’m missing. I’ve got good content and I’m working strategies to grow, but people still don’t seem to see me as a coach and more someone funny on Instagram who gives good tips now and then. I know this isn’t a specific question, but if you have some insight, I’d so appreciate the help.” -Natalie

I took a look at her page — and the page of 3 other folks who were asked something similar — and noticed ALL of them were being too clever with their social media bios, and not nearly clear enough.

So… here’s a recipe for writing a social media bio that clearly demonstrates your value and invites people into a relationship primed for converting followers into clients.

When you’re done, download these examples of ❌BAD BIOS ❌ +  ✅GREAT BIOS ✅ so you can see these tips in action.