VLOG: Can’t Grow on Instagram?

If you’ve got social media questions that you’d like us to answer on our vlog, send them to AskCoachSocial@gmail.com. This week’s was all about how to grow on Instagram. 

So, not only do I share a strategy that works, but I also walk you through 2 foundational pieces that you MUST, MUST, MUST have checked off your social media to-do list if you want to see effective and consistent growth. 

First, you must have a dream client profile. (Dream CLIENT, not audience. I explain the difference in the video and why this is significant). 

Second, you must have a clear sense of your message so your potential clients know exactly what you’re about and whether or not you’re right for them. (I walk you through what that looks like.) 

What I do not talk about in this video but what is equally important is the fact that — if you’re not growing or getting engagement — you probably aren’t spending enough time on the quality of your images. Instagram is a visual platform, if you want people to pause long enough to want to read what you’re saying or take a look at what you’re doing, you need better images… of YOU. Not just of a million quote cards. (That’s been done and is being doing again and again….) 

For more thorough help, plus some key questions and exercises to help in all of the above, download this FREE Social Media Survival Guide. 

In this social media survival guide, I walk you through… 

1. How to build a dream client profile 
2. How to know what the heck to say on social media 
3. How to package your content so it resonates with your dream client. 
4. How to test the effectiveness of your social media so you know how / if to make changes.  

Download it here.