8 reasons your Facebook, Twitter + Instagram content isn’t being seen

Algorithms are changing, and your content isn’t being seen by as many people as it once was. Here are a few things you might be doing that aren’t helping you:

  1. You’re using hashtags in your Facebook posts. Contrary to popular belief, hashtags have actually been shown to LIMIT your reach.
  2. You’re posting on Twitter without taking a look at what’s trending that day. Twitter makes life a little easier, they actually share trending hashtags as they trend in the left hand panel of your Twitter homepage.
  3. You’re using less than 30 hashtags in your Instagram posts. The rumors that 11 hashtags are best are incorrect.
  4. You’re using banned hashtags on Instagram! Most don’t realize that if you’re using one banned tag, all of the tags you’re using will not work. And last I checked, 7% of used hashtags have been banned, so it’s more likely than you’d think that you’re using banned tags. So here’s how to check if a tag is banned:

    1. Search for the hashtag.
    2. Go to “recent posts”.
    3. If the tag is banned, you’ll see a message saying that the tag has been banned. If you don’t see a message and instead see a bunch of images, the tag is still active.
      1. If you want to see this in action, search for the tag #followme on Instagram.
  5. Your account (any of them) is set to private.
  6. The majority of the Instagram hashtags that you’re using have over 500k images posted to them. I’d stick to about 10k – 500k. You want traffic to the hashtag but not so much so that you get lost… which would mean your tag isn’t serving you at all.
  7. You’re not implementing strategic Facebook boosting: Unfortunately, Facebook is a pay to play platform. Very few of your following — if any — is even seeing your content without boost work.
  8. You’re not switching out your hashtags on Instagram. You shouldn’t be copying and pasting your hashtags for every post. You need to mix things up and swap them out. Not just because it makes sense, but hashtags grow FAST without you knowing it. As soon as a tag gets too big, it stops working for you. Again, aim for tags that have 10k – 500k images posted to them and keep finding new, relevant tags so your content can continue to circulate.

If you’re doing all of the above and you still have limited reach, I’d take a look at your content. It could be that your content isn’t what your target audience is looking for.

Use a resource like BuzzSumo to learn what’s trending within your target audience, survey your current community with a resource like Survey Monkey to ask what they want to hear more of, and READ YOUR ANALYTICS to learn what content is performing and what’s not.

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