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In this hour long training I’ll be covering…

  1. How to create social media engagement that leads to sales
  2. My sales conversation flow (that’s the 4 phases I walk a potential buyer through so they’re most likely to say yes.)
  3. How to follow-up so no sale gets left behind


But wait!

For the same price you could have this class + MORE as a member of…

As a member you’ll get…

  • This class 👏🏻 
  • 20+ strategy trainings on all kinds of things like growing your email list, growing your following, pitching strategically, etc. Now you can stop trying to piece together a strategy and instead just take what’s worked for me and my clients and make it your own!
  • weekly content prompts and templates so you know exactly what to post and don’t spend your whole day doing it
  • monthly problem solving sessions so you can get my eyes on your business.
  • a pitch database of people so you can find people to pitch a collaboration to. (This is the best way to grow a targeted audience!) 
  • …and more.

All for $63.99 every month, cancel at any time.