How to Make a “Dream Client Profile” (And Why This Is a Non-Negotiable for Your Marketing…)

The most common social media mistake I see is business owners trying to speak to EVERYONE instead of just one person.

If you’re going to get specific with your content, you have to build your dream client.

Yes, you read that right.

Not a specific group of people…

A specific person with likes, dislikes, interests, and dreams. 

By building a fleshed out, three-dimensional client, you are giving yourself the opportunity to be hyper specific about your marketing and who you’re targeting so that you can speak to those who will resonate most with your message. 

Here are the key questions you need to answer for yourself:  

1. What is your ideal client’s name + gender? Occupation? Income? 
If this person is going to feel real, he/she needs to have a life! 

2. Favorite Magazine(s)? 
This helps you decide your visual “style,” particularly on Instagram. 

3. Favorite ways to spend his/her downtime? 
This helps you understand his/her outside of work persona so you can speak to it. 

4. What/who does he/she admire most? 
This helps you to be specific about your communication style, resources, quotes and/or references. 

5. What changes does he/she want to make (professionally and/or personally)? What are his/her secret desires? 
Hint: this should be very related to what you’re offering. 

6. What is his/her communication style?
This will help you with your copy.

Listen to me discuss my own dream client profile as well as how to answer each of the above questions below…

PS: I have to give credit to Dallas Travers for teaching me how to make a Dream Client Profile so that I could modify it for a my Coach Social community. Dallas is a tremendous business mentor, especially for coaches. She will knock your socks off. Check her out.