How to keep your social media links updated at all times (I learned this the hard way!)

I’ve shared one of my favorite resources for social media before and that is! makes it possible to share multiple links (for instance… all of your freebies!) within one easy to access location. 

Check out my blog on what is and how to set it up, here. (Heads-up — the free opt-in does NOT work. I know. We are fixing it! ? But the reason it is not working is because I did not use!!!! True story.)

In a nut-shell: gives you the ability to host multiple links – so that clients and potential clients can easily access your Freebies, live videos and other valuable content – in an easy to access place!

That way, if links ever need updating, you edit things with the click of a button. Literally.

HOWEVER, you can use your in more than one place, and I’m realizing most people only use it on Instagram.

No way, jose!

There are many more uses for this link to make your life easier, and to also drive more traffic to the places that matter. That way, people don’t have to HUNT for your value.

So where else can you share your

  1. Instagram bio. #duh 
  2. IGTV description — because it’s ALSO clickable! What an easy way to get people on your email list immediately after you’ve demonstrated your value on IGTV.  
  3. Your Facebook Personal Page bio OR as a pinned, public post at the top of your page — ESPECIALLY if you interact within groups. When you do, you’re interacting with your personal page. So if people get to know you as a biz owner and want to learn more from you, they’ll click back to your personal page to look you up. Make sure they find your juicy resources when they do.  
  4. On all professional bios (Facebook business bio, Facebook group description, Twitter bio, Pinterest description, etc.)  
  5. Within your podcast show notes! After giving juicy value on your podcast, make it easy to offer more value with a menu of juicy opt-ins within  
  6. Additionally, when you’re a guest on a podcast, make sure you hand them your link for their own shownotes. That way new audiences have the opportunity to get on your email list. And if you ever want to update your opt-ins, you know WHOEVER has this link has the most up to date version of opt-ins available and you don’t have to track anyone down to ask them to switch things out. BOOM.  
  7. Finally, in the signature line of your emails. You email a TON of people every day, a lot of them who are considering hiring you. Make it easy-peasy to get more value from you by downloading one of your opt-ins available to them in a menu format, that only provides so simply!

Alright gang, that’s a wrap on this week!

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