Breakthrough Calls

Phase 4: Amplify to Grow
The PR Strategy Class


Your PR Strategy for Getting Podcasts + Speaking Gigs with Heather Burgett


  • At 10:58 — Heather shared her 6 Step PR STAR Formula
  • At 17:58: — Heather’s PR Gateway Drug: Her favorite [free] platform to open up PR opportunities for you, HARO. She even gave us her HARO templates which you can find below in the resources!
  • At 39:57: — How to take advantage of CONTRIBUTING MEDIA: What is that? What platforms can you submit to?
  • At 48:09 — Affiliates! An easy strategy (and my personal fave…) for getting more mileage out of your content.
  • At 1 hour: — Resources for weeding out podcast opportunities, and how to pitch to podcasts