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May 2022 Problem Solving Call


May 2022 Problem Solving Call

Here’s what we talked about:

  1. Niamh is closing down her personal account to focus on her business account. She wants to talk through why and how to make that shift. 
  2. Maricela is going through some changes! She is starting a new arm of her business and getting a lot of confirmation that she’s headed in the right direction thanks to her market research. However, it’s also highlighting a few areas where she hasn’t been specific in some of her other marketing. We talk about how to communicate the value of what she offers, as well as take a look at her lack of growth and consider what that might mean. 
  3. Elise is starting an all new community page! She wants to know how to create community on her new page right off the bat. 
  4. Juli is new to Instagram and wants to know where she should start.